Human LncRNA Profiler 96-well

Measures the top 90 lncRNAs and subcellular reference RNAs

  • LncRNA cDNA synthesis kit included
  • LncRNA involved in changes in the epigenome
  • Expression related to cancer and disease

All lncRNAs in the LncProfiler qPCR array have well-annotated lncRNA validated primer sets that are registered in the lncRNA database created by Dr. John Mattick (see link below).

The SBI LncProfiler kit comes complete as a cDNA synthesis kit combined with a 96-well qPCR assay set. qPCR assays have been validated on numerous cell types for robust and specific performance. Some lncRNAs have endogenous polyA tails, while other lncRNAs do not.

To improve the performance of the qPCR assay, the cDNA synthesis kit includes reagents to polyadenylate all lncRNAs prior to cDNA conversion using the oligo dT adapter and random primers. This combined RNA tail and oligo dT plus random primers significantly increases cDNA yield.

Comparison of lncRNA expression in H7 hESC, hiPSC, and HFFs: SBI extracted total RNA from approximately 2×10^6 cells using standard Trizol/Ethanol precipitation methods. Two micrograms of the RNA samples were used as input into the lncRNA cDNA synthesis kit.

The entire cDNA synthesized was then profiled across the 90 lncRNAs and 5 reference controls on the LncProfiler qPCR array. Robust qPCR amplification curves were observed and the Ct data for each lncRNA assay was normalized to the geometric mean of the controls. The data are plotted as normalized expression levels. Selected data are shown in the bar graph.

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